Главная Journal «The Сomponents of scientific and technological progress»

Scientific Journal «The components of scientific and technological progress»

The magazine is addressed to researchers and professionals and students involved in the study of the functioning and development economics, law, manufacturing, theoretical and applied research questions in different fields of knowledge. The magazine is available as a standard summary form, as well as thematic issues on selected issues. Articles published in one of the 2 languages: Russian, English, and are accompanied by annotations on each of these languages. For publication in the journal welcomes articles, reviews, short communications, discussion papers, letters to the editor, as well as serial articles, and if necessary - some extended preprint papers and dissertations with the publication in the journal of abstracts. Articles are a professional peer review, through rigorous scientific examination and submitted to the Members of the editorial board.

The main objective of the magazine is to spread in Russia and abroad about scientific research conducted by scientists from the Development Fund for Science and Culture, forming around the journal of scientific schools and directions, information priorities for research.

The magazine is a periodical publication and is published four times a year. Article edited by members of the advisory council of the magazine. The magazine has an appropriate scientific tools (links, bibliographies, tables, charts, illustrations).

The magazine is sent to the library and is distributed by subscription among the educational institutions and scientific organizations.

Main sections

  1. Architecture and Construction
  2. Biological sciences
  3. Biotechnology and Medicine
  4. Information technology and electronics
  5. Law and legislation
  6. History, philosophy, sociology
  7. Pedagogy and psychology
  8. Engineering
  9. Earth sciences
  10. Philology
  11. Management, Computer Science and Informatics
  12. Quality control
  13. Ecology and Nature
  14. Economics