Conditions of publication

Primary Reviewing

On e-mail you must send the article in the format «*.doc» or «*.docx» on primary reviewing. The document must contain:

  1. UDC index;
  2. title of the article in English and Russian languages;
  3. Name of all authors;
  4. the full official name of the university (indicating ownership: FGBOU WEI WEI FSAEI, LEU, and others) or organization;
  5. key words and phrases in Russian and English (in alphabetical order);
  6. summary in Russian and English;
  7. text of the article in Russian or English (with the provision of article in English is mandatory attached its translation into Russian);
  8. text of the article in Russian or English (in the provision of article in English compulsorily attached its translation into Russian);
  9. transliteration bibliography;
  10. details of all the authors of the article (Full name, academic degree, position, place of work, e-mail, address).

Attention! All articles are carefully checked for plagiarism, up to enable unscrupulous writers in the "black list." The text should be unique and have not been previously published.

Technical requirements for registration of articles:

File in formay *.doc or *.docx.

sheet format: А4 (210*297 mm), field: 20 mm from above, from below 20 mm 20 mm left right 15 mм.

Font – Times New Roman, skittles - 14, half interval, first line indent - 0.75.

Images must be of high quality, clear, all labels must be clearly visible (only the font Times New Roman).

Equation Editor – Math Type Equation, font – Times New Roman, variables - in italics, Greek - right, Russian - right.


In the case of a positive decision of the editorial board reviewers should send to the email address package containing the following documents:

Сost of services

Payment editorial and publishing services - 1000 rubles. 1 page. The minimum number of pages - 5. The annual subscription to the magazine is 3000 rubles. 12 numbers + 960 rubles. for the delivery of the 12 rooms in Russia. Subscription is made at the request of the author. Fee for publication manuscripts graduate students will be charged. Publication of manuscripts postgraduate made by decision of the editorial board in the common queue.

The cost of sending a packet (not more than two collections in one of the mail for a postal address): in Russia - 100 rubles. 00 kop., CIS countries (CIS) - 300 rubles. 00 kop., Foreign countries - 500 rubles 00 kopecks

Contact Information

Editorial address: 392000, Russia, Tambov, Moskovskaya street, house 70, apartment 5.
Editor in chief:Tyutyunnik V.M.
Phone number.: 8(981) 972-09-93