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VIII International scientific-practical conference "The role of science in the development of society (advanced technology, life science)»

Status: to accept applications

Date: 3-5 October 2016

Location: Berlin, Germany


The goal of Conference

Discussion and publication of scientific achievements of leading scientists, graduate students, undergraduates and students, identifying opportunities for solving urgent problems of development of society, as well as establishing creative links scientists from different countries, more efficient use of the scientific potential of universities, research organizations and enterprises in addressing priority scientific methodological problems of development of Russian and foreign science.

Thematic sections Conference

  • Section 1 - problems of legal regulation     
  • Section 2 - the socio-economic development of society problems     
  • section 3 - science     
  • Section 4 - mechanical engineering and instrument     
  • Section 5 - development and improvement of energy sector     
  • Section 6 - automation and robotics     
  • Section 7 - the theory and practice of agroindustrial complex     
  • section 8 - Public Relations     
  • Section 9 - the development of information technology     
  • Section 10 - modern environmental problems     
  • Section 11 - problems of modern philology     
  • Section 12 - quality management as a tool for efficiency     
  • Section 13 - the current state and prospects of the food industry     
  • Section 14 - the current state and prospects of the chemical industry     
  • Section 15 - progressive pedagogy     
  • Section 16 - topical issues of biotechnology and medicine     
  • Section 17 - architecture and construction     
  • Section 18 - important questions of history, psychology and sociology     
  • Section 19 - current accounting, analysis and auditing

    organizers Conference :

    • Voronkova Olga, editor in chief of the scientific journal "Science and business: ways of development", the chairman of the editorial board, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Head. the department "Service and Marketing," Tambov State Technical University, Russia.     
    • Tyutyunnik Vyacheslav Mikhailovich, Ph.D., Ph.D., Professor, Director of the Tambov branch of Moscow State University of Culture and Arts, President of the International Information Nobel Center, Academy of Natural Sciences, Russia.     
    • Pavel Belyaev Serafimovich, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Vice-Rector for teaching and innovation, scientific director of the Department "Polymer processing and packaging production," Tambov State Technical University, Russia.     
    • Sanjay Yadav, PhD, Head. Department of English, College of. St. Palouse, Patna, Bihar, India.     
    • Bednarzhevskii Sergey S., Head. the Department "Life Safety", Surgut State University, Professor, laureate of the State Prize of Russia in the field of science and technology, the Academy of Natural Sciences and the International Energy Academy, Russia.     
    • Sergey Petrenko, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Head. the department "Mathematical Methods in Economics", Lipetsk State Pedagogical University, Russia.     
    • Nadtochy Igor O., PhD, Associate Professor, Head. the Department of "Philosophy"; Voronezh State Academy of Forestry Engineering, Russia.     
    • Harubi Naoufel (Kharroubi Naoufel), Ph.D., associate professor of the Higher Institute of Technological Studies of the department of computer technology (High Institute of Technology Studies of Kairouan), Tunisia.     
    • Chamsutdinov Ummatovich Nabi, MD, professor of faculty therapy Dagestan State Medical Academy, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation; Dagestan     
    • Savchenko Elena Vitalevna,, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of the Chernihiv State Technological University, Ukraine.     
    • Amanbaev Murat Nurgazievich, PhD, Professor, President of the International Business School at JSC "KazEU. T.Ryskulov ", Kazakhstan.     
    • Polukoshko Svetlana, Ph.D., lead researcher of the Institute of Engineering and Research VSRC (Ventspils International Radio Astronomy Centre), Ventspils University College, Latvia.     
    • Kun Du, Ph.D., assistant professor of management and development of the Institute of Agriculture Cooperation Qingdao Agricultural University, Qingdao, China.

      Conference is carried out:

      • The Foundation of Science and Culture (Russia)
      • «Scientific Society (Thailand)», Thailand.

        with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation .

        Sponsor Conference : «TMBprint" Ltd.


Phone number:
+7 (915) 67-888-44
+7 (4752) 71-14-18
+7 (981) 97-209-93
+7 (915) 88-309-93


Materials should be sent to Email: journal@moofrnk.com

Website www.moofrnk.com www.globaljournals.ru

Detailed information:


The conference participants are only those authors who have fulfilled all the conditions contained in this invitation.

Location and time of

3-5 October 2016goda Berlin, Germany.

Form participation :

  • Indirect participation - participation in the conference without speaking followed the publication of an article in journal "Science and business: ways of development» .

    Official Language :

    English, Russian . The main language - English Simultaneous interpretation will be provided in case of need..

    Until May 30, 2016, participants must send a report to the organizers (not less than 5 pages), submitted for the publication of scientific articles, translated into English, translators for processing.

    participants available:

    • the opportunity to participate in the conference;     
    • Conference program;         
    • the opportunity to place an article of 5 pages or more (for an additional fee of 1000 rubles / p..) In the scientific journal "Science and business: ways of development" and to receive 1 copy of the magazine with the author's publication. Articles must be in compliance with the requirements;     
    • a second report at the request of the author may be published in a foreign magazine published in Cyprus "Somponents scientific and technological progress», the cost of publishing a volume of 5 pages - 3,000 rubles. and more (at an additional cost of 600 rubles / p..), English language publication;     
    • free article placement in the system of Russian Science Citation Index (contract number 2011 / 30-02), as well as online tambov-konfcentr.ru, provided that all requirements for publication in the journal; submitted articles are reviewed and accepted for publication by the editorial board in the order of their submission; Articles are reviewed by two independent reviewers;          
    • Information about the articles published in foreign journals «Reports Scientific Society» is regularly provided in the Russian Science Citation Index RISC (agreement № 124-04 / 2011R). Information about the journal is open access to: http: // moofrnk.com -    

      About publication articles :

      allowed the publication of two articles, one in collaboration with the other party. Each article is reviewed by two independent, anonymous reviewers. Articles are published mostly in English. It is also permitted to publish articles in Russian.

      The articles are accepted in the original edition, and the organizing committee is not responsible for their content.

      The articles are published in collaboration with the Foundation for the development of science and culture. All articles, regardless of their presentation format, will be published in the scientific journal "Perspectives of Science", included in the list of HAC leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications, which should be published basic scientific results of the dissertation for the degree of doctor and candidate of sciences.

      Magazine «Prospects of Science» registered by the Federal Service for Supervision of Legislation in Mass Communications and Protection of Cultural Heritage. The certificate PI № FS-37899 from 29.10.09 year.

      edition features: printed version of publication in a journal issue «Prospects of science."

      The publication is reliably protected using special technologies. Identified international publishing number ISSN № 2077-6810 (Index Agency "Rospechat» № 33235) for periodical publications.

      Foreign journal «Reports Scientific Society», , published in Thailand. regularly provided in the Russian Science Citation Index RISC (agreement № 124-04 / 2011R). Information about the journal is open access

      For information about the journal can be read on: http://moofrnk.ru