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ISSN 2077-6810

The journal" Science Prospects" is included in the list of leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications (Higher Attestation Commission of the RF Ministry of Educations), which publishes scientific results of the studies and dissertations for PhD and doctoral degrees. The journal was created to form a scientific and information environment of the NGO "Foundation for the development of science and culture." The main objective of the journal is to disseminate information about the scientific research conducted by scientists and leading specialists, scientific schools and directions, information support of the priority scientific research, popularization of scientific ideas on the territory of Russia, CIS and far-abroad. The founder of the journal "Science Prospects" is the NGO "Foundation for the development of science and culture."

  • scientific journal is published 12 times a year (monthly);
  • it is available in standard summary form, as well as thematic issues on different issues;
  • articles and annotations are published in one of 2 languages: Russian or English. Articles may be issued with bilingual inserts on the main fragments in the article;
  • articles, reviews, short communications, discussion papers, letters to the editor, as well as serial articles and, if necessary - some advanced preprints papers and dissertations with the publication in the journal of abstracts are accepted for publication in the scientific journal Perspectives of Science;
  • volume of articles is not strictly limited: it should correspond to their content;
  • articles are professionally reviewed and submitted to the Members of the editorial board;
  • articles, which have priority, published in a matter of urgency;
  • the right to publish translations or derivative articles in other publications is retained by the author;
  • authors can order the required number of journals or reprints of his article for an additional fee;
  • you can book a combined volume of the journal and the individual parts on the headings.

Main headings:

  1. Supporting Science Development
  2. Earth Sciences
  3. Biological Sciences
  4. Biotechnology and Medicine
  5. Pedagogical sciences
  6. Vocational Education
  7. Architecture and Construction
  8. Historical Sciences and Archaeology
  9. Philology
  10. Machine Building and Engineering
  11. Mathematical Methods and Models
  12. Chemical Technologies
  13. Chemical and Food Technologies
  14. Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technologies
  15. Electronics, Measuring Equipment, Radio and Telecommunications
  16. Computer Science, Computer Facilities And Control
  17. Quality Management
  18. Ecology and Nature Management
  19. Economics
  20. Jurisprudence
  21. Legal regulation
  22. Cultural Studies
  23. Materials for Discussion