The Expert Council of the journal «Science Prospects»

Biological sciences

Shuvalov V.A. – Doctor of Biological Sciences, Academician, Director of the Institute of Fundamental Problems of Biology, Member of Presidium of RAS, a member of the Presidium of RAS Pushchino Research Center,
tel.: 8(496)773-36-0;

Biotechnology and Medicine

Chamsutdinov N.U. – Doctor of Mathematics, Professor of FacultyTherapy, Dagestan State Medical Academy Wed Federation, member of RANS, the deputy of the Dagestan branch of the Russian Respiratory Society,
tel.: 8(928)65-53-49;


Voronkova O.V. – Doctor of Economics, Professor, Chief Editor, Chairlady of Editorial Board of “Science Prospects” Journal, Head of Marketing Department, Tambov State Technical University,
tel: 8(4752) 63-87-80;


Veklenko S.V. – Doctor of Law, Professor, Deputy Head of the Voronezh Institute of the Russian Interior Ministry for Science, the police colonel,
tel.: 8(4732)27-08-93;

Osipenko S.T. – Candidate of Law, Member of the Bar Council, Associate professor of civil and business law of the Russian State Institute of Intellectual Property,
tel.: 8(495)642-30-09, 8(903)557-04-92;

History of Science

Tyutyunnik V.M. – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Professor, Director of the Tambov branch of Moscow State University of Culture and Arts, President of the International Information Center for Nobel Prize, Academy of Natural Sciences,
tel.: 8(4752)50-46-00;

Energy Complex

Bednarzhevskiy S.S. – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Head of Department of Safety, Surgut State University, laureate of State Prize in Science and Technology, Academy of Natural Sciences and the International Energy Academy,
tel.: 8(3462)76-28-12;

Mathematical Methods and Models

Petrenko S.V. – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of Department “Mathematical Methods in Economics”, Lipetsk State Pedagogical University,
tel.: 8(4742)32-84-36, 8(4742)22-19-83;

History, Philosophy and Sociology

Nadtochiy I.O. – Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor, Head of Philosophy Department, Voronezh State Forestry Academy,
tel.: 8(4732)53-70-70, 8(4732) 35-22-63;

Earth sciences

Chukin V.V. – Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate professor of Department of Experimental Physics of the Atmosphere, Russian State Hydrometeorological University,
tel.: 8(911)226-74-42;

Publishing foreign authors. Technical sciences

Kharroubi Naoufel – Candidate of Technical Sciences, member of (URPAH/INSAT, Tunis) Computer Technologies Department, High Institute of Technology Studies of Kairouan,
tel.: 8(905)270-83-43; +216-92-489-490,

Publishing foreign authors. Economics

Du Kun – Candidate of Economics, Manager of Ltd. “Sina-Plast”,
tel.: 8(960)667-15-87;

Quality control

Altukhov A.I. – Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Academician-secretary of the Department of Economics and Land Relations, Member of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences,
tel.: 8(495)124-80-74;

Management, Computer Science and Informatics

Prokofiev N.V. – Candidate of Economics, General Director of Air Telecom,
tel.: 8(910)750-89-50;

Finance and banking

Matveev S.A. – Candidate of Economics, Deputy Manager of a branch of VTB Bank,
tel.: 8(910)755-55-81;


Komarova E.P. – Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor of Department of Modern Languages, Head of Department of Cross-cultural Communications, Voronezh State Technical University,
tel.: 8(4752)53-10-81, 8(919)245-05-44;